Envato Elements Review | Is Envato Element Worth in 2022?

If you’re a content creator, entrepreneur, digital artist, web developer, or videographer, you’ve probably heard of Envato Elements; but the question is it worth it? Let’s discover the answer.

You may discover various stock assets on platforms like Envato Elements, including images, graphics, audio tracks, movies, email templates, and even WordPress themes and plugins. If you pay for it on a monthly or yearly basis, it could seem like just another item on your creative budget.

You might be shocked by how useful Envato Elements can be for all of your creative activities, though, once you realize its full potential.

envato elements review
Regardless of your understanding of Envato Elements' primary objective, you may still be thinking about whether it's worthwhile. Is it worthwhile for YOUR projects and artistic activities, specifically? I'll provide you with all the information you need about Envato Elements in this piece to assist you in doing just that.

Let’s get started step by step:

What is Envato Element?

Envato Element is the ultimate resource for freelance designers, content developers, or multimedia creatives to grow and manage their businesses. The Envato Element collection has been consistently growing since its release in August 2016 with the addition of new elements and components every week.

There are several benefits to considering an Envato Elements subscription, regardless of your profession—web designer, graphic designer, web developer, or everything in between. Here is a thorough explanation of the Envato Elements in case you haven’t been adequately briefed.

what is envato element

What do Envato Elements Offer?

Envato Element is offering an insane variety of creative assets on the table. Most of these creative assets are under premium license and are also unique, good quality, and single-use. These creative assets will definitely make your content stand out! Let’s check out all the assets that are included in Envato Elements.

Regularly, new objects are added to the resource collection of Envato Elements. Finding the exact thing you're searching for is still fairly simple despite all of these options.To facilitate searching, the majority of their top-level categories are divided into sub-categories.
    • Stock Video – (3,404,714+ Items of motion graphics and video footage are available there)
    • Video Templates – (63,850+ Items of colorful product promo, youtube trendy end screen, and more) 
    • Music – (134,950+ Items of premium, royalty-free audio tracks to use in your projects.)
    • Sound Effects – (609,424+ Items of royalty-free sound effects will be perfect for your next video project)
    • Graphic Templates – (208,200+ Items of graphic design templates, product mockups, website designs, UX/UI kits, infographics, logos, and scene generators)
    • Graphics – (113,819+ Items of Icons, backgrounds, patterns, and vectors)
    • Presentation Templates – (80,313+ Items of creative presentation are available for you)
    • Photos – (6,367,575+ Items of premium and royalty-free stock images)
    • Fonts – (30,558+ Items of stunning fonts for your project)
    • Add-ons – (15,627+ Items of actions, brushes, and layers)
    • Web Templates – (4,471+ Items of email, admin, landing page, and website templates)
    • CMS Templates – (1,195+ Items of CMS Templates are made for your needs)
    • WordPress Plugin & Themes – (5,116+ Items of high-quality WordPress themes, page templates, plugins, and template kits.)
    • 3D – (154,086+ Items of 3D objects as PNGs or PSDs.)

Who can Get the Best Benefits from Envato Element?

There is a lot of content group available on Envato Elements for everyone. It works well for:

    • Bloggers and Content Creators who require stock photographs, fonts, and graphics themes for their blog postings.
    • Web Developers and Designers who require Codes, HTML templates, PSD templates, Graphics and Graphics templates, WordPress themes, plugins, logos, icons, etc for designing and developing their apps and websites.
    • The Freelancers, and Website Owners who want a variety of pre-made templates or other resources to create or touch up their innovative designs that stand out!
    • YouTubers and Video Editors, who are desperately seeking quality music, video templates, and royalty-free stock video to utilize in their video production.
    • Music Producers, and Podcasters, who are looking for royalty-free music and sound effects to make their content even more awesome!
    • Graphic Designers who work with a variety of fonts, logos, illustrator files, and graphic elements.

Pricing of Envato Elements

There are plenty of subscription options(Individuals, Students, Team and Enterprise), that are offered by Envato Element right now. Each membership allows you to download a limitless number of digital elements or assets. Just keep in mind that merely downloading an asset does not grant you ownership of it.

For example, you are not permitted to download a specific item and then sell it or use it to manufacture T-shirts for commercial usage. Read the licensing conditions for Envato Elements to fully grasp what is and isn’t permitted.

Pros and Cons of Envato Element.

There are some key pros and cons of Envato element that everyone should have seen before you buy.


    • Massive collection of all available creative digital assets.
    • The simple license applies to every download.
    • Quite inexpensive in comparison to rivals.
    • Downloads of all asset categories are limitless.
    • Anytime cancelation facility is available is there.


    • Every item must be verified before each download or project.
    • Since all subscribers have access to the same files, related projects are made possible.

Overall, Envato Elements doesn’t really have any drawbacks that raise questions about it.

Envato Elements Vs Other Similar Services

When it comes to collecting photos and other materials for your website, you have a lot of choices. The majority of them originate from either free or paid services. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages.

Free services are a favorable material for both individual persons and small enterprises. However, they typically contain a lot of low-quality stuff or a limited few high-quality items.

The top resources from open repositories are frequently used extensively online. A better approach to obtaining more high-quality photographs and other goods is to choose a commercial service. However, the price of premium services like those offered by Adobe Stock, Template Monster, Shutterstock, and others may be rather high.

Envato Elements would be a wonderful option if you need a little bit of everything. However, it would be preferable if you chose a website or service that focuses entirely on offering stock images if, for instance, all you require is stock photos.

Envato Elements vs Adobe Stock vs Shutterstock

Envato Elements

    • More than 6.4 Million Photos
    • More than 63k Video Templates
    • 200,000+ Graphics Templates
    • 80,000+ Presentation Templates
    • 30,000+ Fonts
    • 5,100+ WordPress Themes and Plugins
    • 3.45+ Million Stock Videos

Unlimited Downloads

for $16.5/month and $198/year 

Adobe Stock

    • 288 Million Photos
    • 23.8 Million Videos
    • 69K Audios
    • 82K Templates
    • 17K 3D Elements
    • 20K Fonts

$49.99/month for 5 Photos, $29.99/month for 10 Photos if paid annually, and $479/month for Up to 10 team members, 750 downloads a month


    • 263 Million Photos
    • 89 Million Vectors
    • 139 Million Illustrations
    • 26.1 Million Videos
    • 16.3K Sound Effects
    • 29K Music
    • 10K Templates

$49/month for 10 Standard Assets or $4.99 per Asset, if you pay annually it will be $2.99 for a single asset or $29.99/month

US $ 49 99 /mo (US$1.99/standard asset) (US$15.99/HD video)
25 standard assets or 3 HD videos a month

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Web designers, digital artists, business owners, and videographers should definitely choose Envato Elements. It’s difficult to find anything else that is comparable at a $16.50/month pricing point when there are so many assets included in a single membership.

I’ve been using Envato Elements extensively on my website and also for my freelance work. Instead of searching the internet for certain materials across various site subscriptions, everything may be accessed in one location. Envato Elements provides unrivaled ease to producers of all stripes.

Although additional stock videos, stock pictures, and dynamic graphics are available from other sources, the Envato Elements library is still nothing to laugh at. Over 6.4 million stock images and over 3.4 million stock films are available for selection. You still have access to millions of additional assets in addition to these enormous sums. The primary rivals do not provide this.

Since Envato Elements provides an inexhaustible supply of resources for each project I require, I adore utilizing it. Everything that contributes to my design and marketing process, from social media to YouTube to my website, is very important. If you’re not sure if Envato Elements is suited for you, you may browse their complete collection for free.


Having said that, this review is now complete. I wish you luck in deciding whether Envato Elements is the best option for you after reading this post. Are you going to purchase it then? Or have you already used it? What have you learned thus far? Please provide any information in the comments box below.

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