Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugin In 2022

If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins for email marketing? Then you have come to the right area and this article will help you a lot to find out the best one. Nowadays most things are done online or with online technology since it is the year of digitalization. Even marketing and advertising for businesses, whether small or large, are now more frequently done on the go, using online resources like emails.

But how can you effectively market your business while still keeping your audience interested and informed?

Email marketing is one of the simplest and most affordable methods to do this. The top WordPress email marketing plugins for your website have been discussed in this post. So let’s get started.

best wordpress email marketing plugin


Whether you intend to increase your email marketing efforts, create compelling forms or popups, or strengthen your engagement with consumers (CRM). HubSpot has all the solutions. It’s a potent one-stop shop for fostering relationships with your audience and expanding your company.

Through HubSpot, you can quickly generate and send professional emails to your contact list using its pre-designed templates. You may also take use of the plugin’s many email automation features.

The ability to measure your email open and click rates is only the beginning, though. As a result, you may utilize that data to make your email marketing efforts better. Additionally, it includes A/B testing.

hubspot email marketing wp plugin
There are Some Key Features of HubSpot:
    • More than 20+ Pre-Made Templates
    • Integration with CRM, Email Marketing is Available There
    • Build-In Email Marketing Analysis is Available
    • Compatible with more than 400+ apps, and plugins, like WordPress Forms, WooCommerce, LMS, Facebook, Twilio, Stripe, etc.
    • Offers live chat and chatbots to deliver better engagement and support to visitors.

You can use it for free. With the HubSpot email marketing plugin you can send 2000 marketing emails every month and utilize the free tools for marketing, sales, services, and operations.
You may purchase the $ 50/month starting plan with more premium features.


SendinBlue is a well-known email marketing service because of its fantastic offerings. And with the inclusion of the WordPress plugin SendinBlue, connecting WordPress to your website is now simpler than ever.

It is a clever plugin with excellent usability that has the necessary sales and marketing features. Either utilize a template or start from scratch when creating your message. Then, adjust the text to reflect your brand. Next, pick your recipient and send it at the appropriate moment.

Keep in mind that you may plan ahead and send emails to more specific groups of your readers. You may thus select the parameters to be based on gender, region, past purchases, etc. After that, send these target audiences customized emails.

There are Some Key Features of SendInBlue:
    • Having the ability to design unique subscription forms and host them on your sites, blogs, or sidebars.
    • Provides significant information and insights into the effectiveness and deliverability of emails on the dashboard.
    • Offers live chat, email, and SMS for simple contact with your readers.
    • Can start Facebook advertisements directly from your account. As a result, you may use this information to retarget contacts or reach out to new audiences using your list.

You can use it for free. It also has three premium plans(Lite, Premium, Enterprise) with a variety of features.

Lite: This is the ideal plan for new marketers, and site owners, the cost range is $25/m to $65/m for 10K to 80K monthly email volume.

Premium: This plan is specially made for marketing pros, and the price range will start from $65/mo to $599/mo for 20K to 800K monthly email volume.

Enterprise: This plan is made for those, who need even more requirements than these 2 plans, but they didn’t mention the price on their site. If anybody needs this plan, they will have to contact their sales team.


FluentCRM is a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress. Without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard, handle your leads and customers, email campaigns, automatic email sequencing, learner and affiliate administration, user activity monitoring, and many more things all in one place!

This email marketing plugin allows you to send and plan email campaigns to an infinite number of contact lists. The Block editor-powered email builder in FluentCRM allows you to create stunning email bodies.

There are Some Key Features of FluentCRM:
    • The integration facility is available for more than 30 plugins, such as lead generation, and membership. And other features like WooCommerce, MemberPress, LifterLMS, and many others.
    • Provides detailed automation reports and campaign reports so you can understand everything in one spot. 
    • You may group your users into several lists before sending them customized emails.
    • You may send your emails in the right order with the email sequencing tool. Able to mass send or schedule emails.

You can use it for free. They also offer a variety of simple premium plans and the price range will start from $129/y to $499/y for 1 to 50 users.


MailPoet is another excellent email marketing plugin for WordPress. By using this, you may quickly get your email marketing campaign off the ground or boost the conversion of your current one.

You may select from more than 50 pre-designed email templates provided by this plugin. Therefore, using these responsive templates or starting from scratch, you may produce great emails.

mailpoet email marketing wp plugin

Customers may register here to subscribe to your newsletter and expand your email list without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. Additionally, you may have a WooCommerce customers list and a list of committed WordPress users generated and updated automatically.

There are Some Key Features of MailPoet:
    • MailPoet will allow you to set up automated emails to notify your subscribers when a new post is made.
    • Obtain insight statistics to gauge how engaged your audience is.
    • May automatically greet new subscribers with a friendly email.
    • MailPoet is also capable to create automated newsletters, drag-and-drop email building with its ready-made email templates, and email reporting.
    • It is able to remove inactive subscribers automatically from your email list.

You can use it for free or go with a premium plan. They are offering three premium plans(Business, Creators, and Agency) right now, and the price is starting from $8/m to $30/m for 500 subscribers. If you have more the 500 subscribers then the price range will vary with the number of subscribers.

MailChimp for WordPress

One of the few initial names to think about for email marketing is Mailchimp. The most well-known email marketing tool is MailChimp, which is used by literally millions of individuals.

You can design sign-up forms and incorporate a number of sign-up options with the MailChimp for WordPress plugin to gather leads for your MailChimp list. Whether you’re a business, a solopreneur, or a blogger, MailChimp provides all the features you need to achieve your goals.

mailchimp for wordpress email marketing plugin
There are some key features of MailChimp for WordPress:
    • Able to create beautiful forms quickly, or combine the plugin with the one you already have.
    • Allows for easy connection with well-known WordPress plugins. such as MemberPress, WPForms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and others.
    • Subscriber updates in Mailchimp may be made automatically thanks to the user sync function.
    • Every time a form is submitted, an automatic email notice may be issued. Additionally, you may modify the email so that it is delivered directly rather than via Mailchimp.
    • Reports on each attempt at registration. This helps you to discover the registration processes and pages on your website that are working the best.

You can use it for free. However, features like e-commerce connection, user sync, form styler, and reports are only available in the premium edition of the plugin, which you must purchase. The platform itself, however, provides free email marketing for up to 2000 connections.

The starting yearly price for the hobbyist plan is $59/y for one site. The professional plan price is $99/y for 3 sites, and the agency plan price is $149/y for 10 sites.


MailSter is one of the most widely used WordPress email marketing plugins. With its fantastic drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly and easily construct eye-catching campaigns. No coding experience is necessary.

You may develop unique templates to display your brand in your campaign or choose a template from 400+ pre-made designs.

Along with a drag-and-drop email builder, it offers you an in-dashboard interface to handle an infinite number of subscribers. It does not, however, own a sending service of its own. It does provide you with the tools necessary to link with your own email-sending provider, though.

mailster email marketing wp plugin
There are Some Key Features of MailSter:
    • Mailster lets you send all your posts, products, events, or other custom post types also be used for email automation.
    • Able to set up your welcome series and leave the rest to Mailster. You should sit back and focus on your business while Mailster makes sure your new subscribers feel welcome.

    • It has more than 400 free and premium designs, so you can create stunning and engaging campaigns in minutes!


The pricing plan is simple as they don’t have any free plan, so you can buy it for 1 site at the cost of $89 with 6 months of technical support and updates.


MailOptin is a WordPress popup and form builder plugin that allows you to construct forms such as sign-up and membership. Additionally, you may use popups to include such forms, customized messaging, and call-to-actions across the website. In addition, you may utilize widgets for the sidebar, notification bars, and other things.

Never to say, this plugin makes it simple to send email newsletters. All of your registered users or a select group of users can get automatic emails when a new blog article is published. This helps you communicate with your subscribers more effectively.

mailoptin email marketing wp plugin
There are Some Key Features of MailOptin:
    • MailOptin’s powerful intuitive email template builder allows you to make visually stunning and highly effective automated email campaigns and newsletters optimized for the highest conversion.
    • Able to send automated event-triggered emails
    • Every time you submit new content on your blog, you may immediately notify your subscribers or users of your WordPress site.
    • Plan daily, weekly, or even monthly email campaigns to hold your most interested site visitors engaged with your brand and coming back for more.
    • MailOptin combines with the most popular email marketing providers and CRMs so it can send emails on your behalf to your list subscribers.

You can use it for free with limited features. They also have some premium plans( Standard, Pro, and Agency).

Standard: This plan will cost you $89/y for 1 site.

Pro: This plan will cost you $199/y for 3 sites.

Agency: The agency plan will cost you $399/y for unlimited sites.

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is a simple alternative for selecting a WordPress email marketing plugin for your blog. Running a successful blog requires having a subscriber email list. Therefore, you may use this plugin to increase traffic and subscriber numbers to your site.

It is a WordPress subscription plugin that you may set up and link to your subscription service. And it won’t take long—just a few minutes. As a result, it works with popular email marketing programs like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and others.

wp subscribe pro email marketing plugin
There are Some Key Features of WP Subscribe Pro:
    • The plugin is fully optimized, that’s why your site will not slow down, as a result, you don’t have to sacrifice the site speed for functionality
    • Improve user engagement, and also reduce abandoned visitors,
    • Able to show popup triggers, popup animations, and also able to show related articles in popups
    • An integration facility is available there, so you can connect it with popular email marketing programs like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and others.

The pricing of this plugin is very simple as they have just 1 premium plan and will cost $19/Y for unlimited sites. Note: There is no free plan.