10 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools In 2022 For Easier Writing

best free grammar checker

It might be difficult to choose the best free grammar checker program. You cannot feasibly hand-check everything, including emails, lengthy blog entries, social media postings, documents, and so on, and look for grammatical faults in each one at the same time if you have a heavy job.

Budget constraints make it nearly hard to employ a professional team for something as easy as editing small grammatical errors and making your text error-free if you are just starting your business or are a beginning blogger.

We have gathered the greatest English grammar checkers so you can get the best free solutions to automate your grammar check.

Let’s start to find out the best free grammar checker:

Best Free Grammar Checker

We are going to discuss the benefits of utilizing a free grammar checker, let’s look at 10 excellent tools for writing better English. The majority of these tools are free, but if you ever require additional sophisticated features, some of them also have paid versions.

1. Grammarly


With more then 20 million users, Grammarly is one of the most well-liked and effective grammar checkers and online writing and editing tools. And with good cause. 

When, I initially started creating large articles and recommendations for our website, I utilized this program. I am aware of a few bloggers that use this grammar checker to produce high-quality blog content.

The online grammar checker from Grammarly finds all kinds of errors, including faults with sentence structure and misused terminology. Then, it offers real-time grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and style suggestions.

You may add terms to your own personal dictionary, choose your favorite English dialect, and even check your work for different genres when you get a Grammarly account.

Key Features:

    1. Has the best user-friendly interface
    2. Easy to use for writing, editing, and grammar checking
    3. AI-based checker that thoroughly scans your writing errors.
    4. Make precise recommendations according to the context of your writing.
    5. The extension is available for all browsers and OS, and third-party integration is also available there.
    6. Plagiarism Checking with the paid version.
    7. Verbosity and inefficient vocabulary filter with the paid version
    8. Style consistency checker with the paid version
    9. More useful analysis for sentence structure with the paid version, etc.

To begin using Grammarly, you have a few choices. The options include a free, premium, and business plan edition.

Premium Plan will cost you around $12 to $30

Business Plan will cost $15 for a member

grammarly business plan

2. Ginger Software

ginger software

Ginger Software is another best one in our list of the best free grammar checkers. A spell checker and online rewriting tool are available from Ginger. The first one focuses more on grammar and spelling checks.

The experiential spell checker chooses a correction that most closely matches the original sentence’s meaning. Your writing capabilities will improve, and your productivity will rise.

Ginger is available as a browser extension(looks like Grammarly), an iOS/Android, Windows, or MS Word/Outlook integration, as well as directly from their website.

It works best for detecting conjugations and adverbs, ambiguous wording, errors, and basic English grammatical standards.


The premium plan of Ginger Software will cost you around $12.48 to $19.99 per month. You can get an extra 40% annual discount by paying yearly.

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is an excellent AI-based tool for rewriting and paraphrasing text. It detects and corrects grammar errors using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. If you want to swiftly and simply alter or paraphrase an existing copy of your text, it would be a fantastic option.

It includes a strong grammar checker as well as other writing and academic editing tools. In comparison to Ms. Word’s or Google Docs’ default grammar checker, it was far more accurate in all experiments. The extension is available as an online application for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word.

quillbot pricing

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the best online grammatical error checkers and style editors for writers and other content creators. This editing program not only enables you to swiftly correct punctuation, grammatical, and spelling issues, as well as to improve word choice, but it also offers thorough reports that may be used to enhance your writing abilities. 

I routinely use this application with Google Docs, Gmail, and WordPress Blog posts to double-check for grammatical errors. I also like the vocabulary and style tips this program offers to help me improve my written work.

The platform also provides in-app explanations, recommendations, quizzes, videos, and articles to aid with the on-the-go improvement of your writing abilities. The majority of online browsers and Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and ProWritingAid are all integrated.

Right now ProWritingAid is offering three types of plans, these are Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime subscriptions.

The monthly plan will cost you $20. The yearly plan will cost you $79 after a 67% discount. And the lifetime plan will cost around $399.

5. Writer


Writer is one of the best all-in-ones AI writing assistants for content creators and bloggers. The customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 on several platforms demonstrates the high quality of this AI-based grammar.

For editing everything from emails to Google Docs, the AI-based tool is the ideal copy editing option.

This writing tool stands out not just for its sophisticated AI editing algorithms but also for its extensive connections with HubSpot, WordPress, Instagram, Slack, and other services.

Integration availability is also there, which means you can integrate it within Chrome, Google Docs, Ms. Word, Figma, Outlook, and Contentful  


Writer AI is offering 3 types of monthly plans, these are Pro, Team, and Enterprise.

The pro plan is suitable for individuals and will cost $11 per month.

The team plan will cost $18 per month for a member with some extra features.

They didn’t mention the cost of the enterprise plan on their website, if anybody wants to buy this plan they will have to contact the sales team.

6. Scribens


Scribens is a free grammar checker application that employs a complex syntactical algorithm to correct over 250 different types of grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors, such as nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, homonyms, typography, and punctuation.

Additionally, Scribens offers synonym suggestions in addition to fixing style issues including repeats, run-on sentences, and redundancies. A readability indicator, explanations to help you improve your writing, and complete metrics on the number of words, phrases, paragraphs, and other elements are all included in the application in addition to the corrections.

With the aid of Chrome and Firefox extensions, users may immediately edit their writing while using the browsers, and Scribens is compatible with MS Office programs, email clients, and other software.


You can use it for free with some limited features, or buy a premium plan for more features. Right now they have 4 premium plans monthly, quarterly, annually, and a business pack.

The monthly plan will cost you €9.90.

The quarterly plan will cost you €19.90 after a discount of 33%.

The yearly plan will cost you €49.90 after a massive 57% discount.

The business pack price doesn’t mention on their website, if anybody wants to buy this pack they will have to contact their sales team

7. Linguix


Linguix offers AI-based writing assistance that can repair thousands of grammatical errors as well as spelling and stylistic difficulties. Additionally, the application has an integrated vocabulary and dictionary and assists in correcting 9 million of the most frequent errors. Users have the option of installing MS Office add-ins, mobile keyboards for iOS and Android, online applications, and desktop software for Windows and Mac.

Linguix offers over 20 essay and other content templates, suggestions for synonyms, personalized language learning through the Writing Coach feature, and suggestions for vocabulary improvement. Additionally, users have access to a paraphrase engine and are given access to clever shortcuts for repeated material types.


As usual, this app has also 3 types of premium plans, these are Pro, Team, and Enterprise.

The pro plan will cost you around $8 per month.

The team plan will cost around $20 per month for one user or a member.

The enterprise plan price didn’t mention on their website, so if anyone wants to buy this plan they will have to contact their sales team. 

8. WhiteSmoke


WhiteSmoke is an outstanding all-in-one writing tool including grammar checking, spelling, style, and punctuation checkers. Additionally, it has lots of built-in templates and dictionaries that can be customized and translated into more than 50 other languages. Any text program or browser may use this software, and a simple click displays potential mistakes and ideas for improvement. It assists in drafting, revising, and translating English texts for both native and non-native English speakers.

Whitesmoke is an application you may use to examine your writing for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more. Writers and non-native English speakers on a budget will find it helpful.

Depending on the subscription level, Whitesmoke functions in practically every browser, including Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Apps for iOS and Android may also be downloaded.

Key Features: 

    • Grammar checking- includes a huge number of areas like Incomplete Sentences, Fragments, Run-On Sentences, Subject-Verb Disagreements, Double Negatives, Tense Shifts, and many more to write more confidently.
    • Spell Checking- check spelling everywhere wherever you like to write, WhiteSmoke Writer is there. Use webmail, MS Word, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and more.
    • Style Checking- 
    • Punctuation Checking-
    • Multilingual Support-

WhiteSmoke is offering three types of plans right now: Web, Premium, and Business.

The Web plan will cost you a regular price of $10.00 for a month, and the offer price will cost you $5.00 for a month.

The Premium plan will cost you a regular price of $13.33 for a month, and the offer price will cost you $6.66 for a month.

The Business plan will cost you a regular price of $22.99 for a month, and the offer price will cost you $11.50 for a month.

You can select these plans for 1 to 3 years of subscription.

9. OutWrite


With the help of sophisticated grammar, spelling, and rephrasing suggestions, the AI-powered grammar and plagiarism checking application Outwrite may help you write better.
The web app is accessible online, so you can log in from any browser, but there is no desktop version. Outwrite provides a mobile app that is presently only accessible for iOS and includes extensions for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Chrome.
The AI Elegance Engine is one of the greatest Outwrite features. It reads your work and suggests ways to enhance it, such as removing inaccurate words, streamlining phrases, and minimizing the use of passive voice. A highly effective plagiarism checker with a monthly check limit of 50 is also included in the Pro plan.

Key Features:

    • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes instantly

    • Trace readability and quality level scores in real-time

    • Check your writing in English, French, and Spanish with Multilingual Support

    • Improve the quality and flow of your writing with Style Suggestions

    • Rewrite sentences to make them shorter, longer, or different with the awesome Paraphrasing tool

    • Change phrases from passive voice to active voice


OutWrite is offering two types of premium plans, which are the Pro Plan and the Team Plan.

The pro plan is ideal for individuals like content creators or freelance writers with a cost of $24.95 per month on a monthly subscription or $9.99 per month if you buy an annual subscription.

The team plan is ideal for an agency, which will cost you $14.95 per month on a monthly subscription for a user or $7.95 per month on an annual subscription for a user.

10. Zoho Writer

zoho writer

Zoho Writer is an excellent online tool for testing spelling, punctuation, and style. There are a ton of fantastic features in this free grammar checker. You will notice intelligent recommendations supported by machine learning, such as context-aware suggestions subject-verb agreement, redundancy, and highlighting punctuation errors.

The intelligent writing helper in Zoho Writer keeps track of your usage of adverbs, clichés, and passive language. This powerful word processor, Zoho Writer, is ideal for making highly professional, outstanding documents and files for your corporation.


Zoho Writer is available without charge, and you can use this exceptional grammar tool for free.