Best Email List Builder for WordPress | Let's Start to Build Your First Email List in 2022

Whatever niche you are in, one thing you must prioritize on creating an appealing email list. It means you’ll not only increase your targeted traffic as a result of doing this, but you’ll also gain your audience’s faith.

Results from social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may be readily surpassed by an active email list of subscribers.
best email list builder for wordpress

Making it really simple for your readers to join your email list is the best action. This entails inserting opt-in forms in crucial areas of your website, such as the sidebar and the space under your content.

The market is flooded with free and paid plugins that make it simple to include opt-in forms on websites powered by WordPress.

In this article, I am going to share the 10 best email list-building plugins that will help you get more subscribers

1. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is an all-in-one marketing platform trusted by over 180,000 businesses worldwide to connect with their contacts and build stronger customer relationships through targeted and outstanding communications. The company’s real strength is its flexible and adaptable marketing automation platform. SendinBlue tracker scripts allow you to monitor your contacts’ web activities and use these details along with your email interactions and data to create complex automation that saves you a lot of time.

The pricing of SendinBlue Starts From $25 to $65 monthly

2. MailPoet


One of the most well-liked free mailing list plugins for WordPress is called Mailpoet. You can easily generate responsive emails using our drag-and-drop email editor which looks beautiful on any device or email service. You may create new lists and import them from your CRM or other marketing automation platforms to manage your subscriptions. Among many other sophisticated capabilities, premium customers may know precisely which subscribers have read their emails and which links inside those emails have been visited.

3. MailOptin


MailOptin is a WordPress lead generation and email marketing plugin that offers 12 third-party integrations, 7 opt-in form types, and powerful email automation features. In this MailOptin review, we’ll rate all the features and show you the pros and cons.

Overall, the MailOptin plugin is very well built and makes it easy to start lead generation campaigns and build mailing lists. It uses native WordPress features and integrates very well with WordPress core.

It's offering only the annual subscription, which starts from $89 to $399 for a year

4. Convert Pro

convert pro

Convert Pro is a popular WordPress opt-in form plugin by Brainstorm Force. The same company that’s behind Astra Theme and Schema Pro plugins.

Convert Pro allows you to offer different opt-in form types using a drag and drop editor. Take advantage of the many targeting and behavioral trigger options.

In addition to the expected form types such as popovers, widgets, and slide-ins, you have access to more advanced types such as yes/no forms, multi-state, and content blocking.

A variety of email service providers are supported including Mailerlite, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp. Convert Pro is also a modular plugin, which means it has useful features, but you can disable features you don’t need. This will improve website performance.

5. ThriveLeads

Thrive Leads focuses on growing your subscriber list quickly. The tool comes with a long list of popup types, including full-screen overlays and multi-select forms. It also has the targeting options you would expect from an email subscription plugin.
Additionally, Thrive Leads offers A/B testing so you can see if a different design or a completely different content offering would perform better. This can significantly improve conversion rates.

Thrive Leads is a comprehensive tool that helps online businesses acquire subscribers, increase conversions, and target the right visitors at the right time. Also, note that Thrive Leads is first and foremost a form tool. Email is part of it, and plugins work best when integrated with another email tool.

6. OptinMonster


A popular popup and lead-generating plugin called OptinMonster makes it simple to expand your WordPress email list and turn website visitors into subscribers.

There are several helpful features available, such as Exit-Intent technology, which enables you to display a popup window just before a user is ready to leave your website. This aids in converting website visitors who are leaving your site into email subscribers.

Additionally, it is very user-friendly for complete beginners, allowing you to develop high-converting optin forms to expand your email subscription without writing any code.

A/B testing and conversion metrics are functional, and OptinMonster won’t cause your website to load slowly like some other WordPress popup plugins.

Note: Although it may seem absurd, the majority of WordPress lead generation plugins are unable to function effectively when caching plugins are enabled. As a result, website owners are forced to pick between a quicker website and a higher number of subscribers.

7. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress lets you connect your WordPress website to your MailChimp account.
If you use MailChimp and want a quick and easy way to embed opt-in forms on your website, this plugin is a free choice.

The main features are relatively limited, but there are some minor features that other plugins don’t have.
You have full control over your form fields and can quickly change colors to match the look and feel of your website.

We use a variety of approaches to help you build your Mailchimp list and create better newsletters. Create attractive opt-in forms or combine them with other forms on your website. B. Along with comments, contact information, or checkout forms.

8. WPForms


WPForms is the most widely used form builder plugin for WordPress.

You may design registration and subscription forms. Even templates for obtaining newsletter signups are available. Utilizing a visual drag and drop builder makes customizing your design exceedingly easy. Additionally, all WPForms themes are fully responsive, ensuring that your forms look fantastic on any device. You may integrate WPForms with your email provider. You may use this to send your subscribers emails automatically.

9. Ninja Popups

Most people detest pop-up windows. They can interfere with the user experience and be invasive; if made carelessly, they could come out as spammy. However, popups work really well for growing email lists, especially if the plugin you’re using is as good as Ninja Popups.

Ninja Popups will up your list-building game thanks to its powerful elite author Arscode, with an excellent rating of 4.36 out of 5, and over 40.4k purchases. To get website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, you may construct professionally made popups. You can even lock unique material and demand a sign-up in order to view it.

10. Sumo


Sumo offers several tools for building mailing lists. Use the List Builder app to generate an email captcha field on page load, on hover, embedded in an article, as a call to action button, on user scroll, etc. Sumo also offers a high-converting page with a welcome mat, a smart bar, and social sharing buttons. Sumo integrates with WooCommerce to create your own offers and discount forms. Fee: Free up to 10,000 emails per month. Its premium plans start at $39/month.

11. Bloom


Bloom is a full-featured email list builder plugin for WordPress created by Elegant Themes. Bloom has 6 different types of opt-in forms – including popovers, widgets, fly-ins, below post forms, inline forms, and content lockers.

It doesn’t have a visual editor or live preview like Convert Pro or Thrive Leads, but editing is easy to use.

You have access to many templates, most of which are pretty similar. You can connect unlimited email accounts, have custom HTML form options for all providers, and no direct API integration. Includes great analytics and targeting capabilities.